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Homeless in San Diego

Jun 25, 2019

On this episode of 'Homeless in San Diego: Real People, Real Stories,' host Greg Anglea, CEO of Interfaith Community Services, welcomes Carl Falconer and David Gruber. Carl is the President and CEO of the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance and David is their Development and Communications Director. In our first ever phone call podcast, calling from miles and miles away, the good people at MDHA discuss some of the work our organizations have in common.

David, podcast aficionado, found out about our work through this very podcast. Wanting to speak about the homelessness crisis, David understands that this issue isn’t unique to any one city. From permanent supportive housing to street outreach, the services we both provide and the coalitions we seek to form, perhaps speak to something deeper: a shared commitment to helping our fellow neighbor…. Even if that neighbor is miles and miles away!