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Homeless in San Diego

May 30, 2023

Rich has lived experience of homelessness and addiction. He is a former Marine, MMA, Fighter, and Police Officer whose life has not been easy. While dealing with trauma Rich turned to drugs as an escape from reality. Ultimately, he ended up homeless for 12 years. Since then, Rich has gone through programs and

May 16, 2023

Shannon came to interfaith through a referral to be part of our RWC Program (Recovery and Wellness). After successfully graduating from the program, she is now a live in Manager of a women's sober living home. Through the trials and tribulations of her life, Shannon has overcome homelessness, is sober, and lives a life...

May 2, 2023

We are happy to welcome back Mei. Mei inspires all of us at Interfaith.  In Mei’s own words, she “suffered bouts of homelessness throughout her life and has managed to obtain secure housing and push forward through many years of trauma since childhood. “ In 2020, Mei opened Daydream, a gift shop located on Grand...